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All-In-One Protector - Decompile protection for 32bit and 64bit applications

10/20/2015 All-In-One Protector

Decompile protection for 32bit and 64bit applications. Copy protection and licensing for Windows and MAC

Decompile protection and easy licensing

If you want to ensure, that the time and money you invested in your software development is not wasted, you need a tripple protection for your application

  • Decompile protection - especially for .NET and Java applications
  • Copy protection to control how often your application can be installed
  • Licensing like trial version, single or network license, perpetual or subscription license

The solution is All-In-One Protector 6. 

Decompile protection

  • Your original EXE file including DLLs is encrypted in a database (better than wrapping). A hacker cannot modify the EXE file or load it into a decompiler
  • Works with 32bit and 64bit (new) EXE files

Copy protection and licensing

All-In-One Protector includes comprehensive copy protection and licensing options.

  • Create trial versions
  • Protect Windows EXE and MAC OSX APP files
  • Activate the product online or by e-mail, fax or phone 
  • Count network licenses (per computer, per user, concurrent) 
  • Regular online checks to lock or revoke licenses
  • Decompile protection
  • Deliver the application via download, CD/DVD and regular USB flash drives
  • Transfer the license to a new computer
  • Browser based administration of the licenses with Activation Server 4
  • Integration in e-commerce systems

There is no need to change the source code - you only select the license options within All-In-One Protector.

In addition to that, you can protect PDF, PPT, Excel, Word, Flash, video and audio files.

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