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How can I connect to my PBX System / System requirements

How can I connect to my PBX System / System requirements

To communicate with a phone system, either a CTI server (Third Party Solution) or the connection of the phone set to the PC (First Party Solution) is supported. For both systems a TAPI driver 2.x (also referred to as TSP) is mandatory.

VOIP System within company network 

  • VOIP systems like Cisco Call Manager, Avaya, Swyx, Innovaphone or ESTECH normally have a TAPI driver included
  • For Asterisk a TAPI driver is available from this vendor -  http://www.xtelsio.com 
  • If your VOIP system does not come with a TAPI driver use one of the options explained for Cloud based PBX

Cloud based PBX

Often a cloud based PBX does not come with a TAPI driver. There are 2 options to connect CTI Data Connector 

  • Use a softphone from Global IP Telecommunications Ltd (Ninja Pro) www.globalipphones.com. This software works with all SIP compatible phone systems
  • Use a SNOM SIP phone. You need additionally the TAPI driver for this phone - www.xtelsio.com (Xtelsio TAPI for Snom)

Traditional PBX

  • Traditional PBX systems like Siemens or Alcatel often require an additional TAPI server. For Siemens you can use TAPI 120 up to 8 PCs or above this number TAPI 170 or other TAPI servers
  • ISDN phones without a PBX are available with an inbuilt TAPI driver
  • If you are using a modem, we strongly recommend switching to a phone set connected to the PC (via USB/serial), because the TAPI drivers of modems often do offer only basic functions or do not function at all

Please check firstly with your phone vendor about which solution meets your requirements and how you can install and configure the TAPI driver.

Operating System

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7. Windows 8 and 8.1 requires CTI Data Connector for Salesforce version 5
  • All listed operating systems are supported in the 32 bit and 64 bit version. Windows 8 RT is not supported.
  • NET 4 is required

Browser Support

Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. For required Browser versions check salesforce online help.

Salesforce license

The Salesforce Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited or Developer Edition, a force.com or Chatter Plus license is required for the call center functionality. 

Does CTI Data Connector run on Citrix / Windows Terminal Server

Does CTI Data Connector run on Citrix / Windows Terminal Server

Yes, CTI Data Connector runs on Citrix / Terminal Server (Windows 2008 Server or newer).

You have to check with your PBX vendor if the TAPI (TSP) driver is Terminal Server compliant.

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