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CTI Data Connector for Salesforce - new release 5.3

01/19/2016 CTI Data Connector

CTI Data Connector for Salesforce new release 5.3 allows searching in custom phone fields and custom objects

Release 5.3

The year 2016 is just 2 weeks old and it starts with a major update of CTI Data Connector for Salesforce, the native Browser CTI integration for the Salesforce sales and service cloud.

  • Search in custom phone fieldshttp://mirage-systems.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=7740c8ad742e160042202ac0c&id=90ef0a67bc&e=0f627a119e
  • Search in custom objects
  • Formula fields to dial from objects like opportunities
  • Select a call result for outgoing unsuccessful calls
  • New data center in Singapore for the Asia-Pacific region
  • The phone note can be disabled in case no notes should be typed in
  • Automatically create a case - configurable for incoming and outgoing calls
  • New languages for the CTI Data Connector SoftPhone - French, Spanish and Dutch
  • The account name is displayed in the CTI Data Connector SoftPhone when a contact is assigned to a call
  • When dialing from an event the contact name is retrieved and displayed
  • When dialing from a campaign member list the lead or contact including the campaign is assigned to the call
  • New fields activity for a phone call: Call Start  and Call End (date/time). It documents the time for each call including the call duration

and a lot of other detail modifications.


Supported phone systems

CTI Data Connector for Salesforce works with any PBX (VOIP, On-Premise or Hosted PBX) which comes with a TAPI (TSP) driver - More details.

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