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Licence Protector 5 - new release with metric data

07/07/2016 Licence Protector

Release 5 - metrics with usage data, new License Viewer and much more..

Licence Protector 5

The new major release comes with a lot of fantastic features


 What would be if you could get insight about:

  • How many trial versions are installed. That can differ considerably from the downloads of the software
  • Operating system and hardware used in combination with your application
  • How often software was uninstalled by deactivating your product
  • How often certain menu options or program features are used to get a better understanding about how users work with your application


New License Viewer

The existing License Viewer got a brand new design. In addition to that, a new License Viewer, which is identical to the Licence Protector MAC version, was added. 


EasyGo Screens

Licence Protector does not require time consuming programming for screens. The inbuilt EasyGo screens are available in over 20 languages and cover every situation.


  • Selection of sample graphics
  • Mandatory field explanation
  • E-Mail activation was split into several steps to better support Browser based E-Mail Clients


Overview about all screens

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