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Activation Server 5 - major release and data center update

08/16/2017 All-In-One Protector Licence Protector News

Activation Server 5 comes with new exiting features - view data in your own time zone - find our how we increased server availability

We are constantly improving the most important administration tool for Licence Protector / All-In-One Protector.

Today you can enjoy 2 updates

  • Version 5.3 comes with nice improvements like viewing data in your own time zone
  • Version 5.4 is a complete redesign how data is stored to provide the highest availability and data loss protection


Version 5.3

Version 5.3 is all about feedback from our users how to improve the daily work

  • The Activation Server runs typically in a different time zone. If you access the data you can get now all results in your own time zone
  • Create a key - a hyperlink allows you to directly navigate to the key details
  • Improved automatic documentation about changes in the key usage
  • Customer name in the title bar of the license file

Complete modification history


Version 5.4

The major change comes with 5.4. We invested months to achieve 2 goals

  • Improve performance for customers having more than 5000 transactions per month
  • Offer the best available system regarding availability and data loss

Improve performance
To achieve that goal, we have checked every single SQL statement and made changes to improve performance. TABs for the Data Management list view have been added  -  e.g. metrics and license files are now a separate option for transactions. This allows loading only the data you are interested in. Implementing a new smart search finds data much faster for typical search expressions like Serial Number or e-mail address.

Availability and data loss
We have already been using Amazon RDS with MS-SQL server. However, a better availability and failover protection can be achieved with Amazons own database - Aurora.

Amazon Aurora is designed to offer greater than 99.99% availability. Recovery from physical storage failures is transparent, and instance failover typically requires less than 30 seconds. Amazon Aurora's storage is fault-tolerant and self-healing. Six copies of your data are replicated across three Availability Zones and continuously backed up to Amazon S3. 





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