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First select the product for which you need support.

Support and Update Options

Mirage offers several support and update options.

Evaluation Period
Support by e-mail is free during the evaluation period. It includes the comprehensive Knowledge Base and a web bases support ticket system.

30 days free Updates and Support
Updates to a new major release and support by e-mail are free for 30 days after buying a product. Support includes the free Knowledge Base and a web bases support ticket system. Usage of the  Customer Self Service Portal is not included. The free major update is only valid after the initial order of a main product / upgrade / update (not for modules) and not for additional client licenses because add-on modules and additional client licenses are bound to the release of the main product.

 Free Updates within same release number

Updates within the same major release number are free. Updates to a new major release (e.g. from version 4 to version 5) are only free with a valid update subscription.

Update Subscription (maintenance)
During the initial order process or within 30 days after the initial order or after buying an update / upgrade you can buy an update subscription, which covers all updates and different support options - click for details.



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