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Which product is right for me?

Choose Licence Protector 

Application protection (EXE or APP)

  • Protect an EXE, .APP, DLL or Plug-In
  • Service or web based application
  • License multiple features/modules
  • Need full control when and how the licensing is done
  • Custom user interface
  • Source Code is available




Choose All-In-One Protector

  • You want to protect PDF, PPT, Excel, Word, flash, video or audio files
Application protection (EXE or APP)
  • No source code is available
  • You do not need a complex licensing and want to add a protection in no time
  • You need to protect the application and additional files (e.g. a complete folder with additional DLL, images etc.)
  • Decompile protection

All-In-One Protector Home Page

Prepared for any situation

Prepared for any situation

Licence Protector is a comprehensive licensing and copy protection solution, which allows protecting

  • Applications (EXE and APP files)
  • DLLs
  • Services
  • Web based applications
  • 32bit and 64bit compile

It is a Source Code integration. Each compiler, which can make an API call to a DLL, can be used with Licence Protector. 

For Windows and macOS.



Multiple license and copy protection methods including evaluation options are available: 

  • Create trial versions by days or number of file usage
  • Software Copy Protection with more than 10 hardware IDs
  • Product activation - online, by e-mail (automated), by fax and by phone
  • License features (modules)
  • Subscription and perpetual licenses
  • Single user and network licenses (per computer, user, concurrent) 
  • Terminal Server and Citrix Server licensing
  • USB flash drive protection 
  • CD / DVD or download versions
  • End user interface in over 20 languages
  • Ready for Windows 10 (32 / 64 bit), macOS High Sierra

Feature Overview


Delivery Options

Delivery Options

Licence Protector allows you to select a delivery option depending on the customer requirements

  • Download - this is the standard option if you sell your product online (requires product activation)
  • Standard USB flash drive or memory card - perfect if the customer wants to switch between different PCs or not Internet connection is available (no product activation required)
  • DVD / CD - this is the preferred option if your content size is several hundred MB (requires product activation)

Activation Server

Activation Server 6 is the central point for administration of licenses - create keys, lock licenses, change activations or generate reports.

The browser-based user interface includes a Dashboard, which gives an overview of important metrics like the result of transactions or hosting usage.

Serial Numbers can be locked, or you can change how often a key can be used (e.g., one Serial Number can be used on 3 computers). Any misuse of a Serial Number, which was posted on a sharing website, is automatically detected.

Activation Server 6 includes a complete address administration.

It is provided as a hosting solution, but Activation Server 6 can also be installed on own server hardware.

Activation Server 6 uses the best available system regarding availability and data loss - Amazon Aurora. Amazon Aurora is designed to offer greater than 99.99% availability. Recovery from physical storage failures is transparent, and instance failover typically requires less than 30 seconds. Amazon Aurora's storage is fault-tolerant and self-healing. Six copies of your data are replicated across three Availability Zones and continuously backed up to Amazon S3. 

As an additional option, the Activation Server can be extended with a customer self-service portal. A user can locate his Serial Numbers, get download links, remove a licensed computer or create an unlock key.

Amazon Data Center


Usage Metric

What would be if you could get insight about: 

  • How many trial versions are installed. That can differ considerably from the downloads of the software
  • Operating system and hardware used in combination with your application
  • How often software was uninstalled by deactivating your product
  • How often certain menu options or program features are used to get a better understanding about how users work with your application

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E-Commerce Integration

E-Commerce Integration

To automate the sales process, you need an e-commerce integration. An e-commerce solution covers:

  • different payment options
  • sending out an invoice
  • sending out a download link and most important
  • sending out a Serial Number

Licence Protector offers different ways to integrate into an e-commerce solution so that you can select the solution which fits your needs.  

  • Create a key list (e.g. 1000 Serial Numbers) and upload it to the e-commerce system
  • Web Key Generator - The e-commerce system creates a Serial Number on the fly using an https request to the Activation Server 

Cloud Edition - Monthly Payments

Monthly payments, no set-up fee, cancellation at any time 

The Cloud Edition comes as a full version, but you only make small subscription payments

It includes:

  • All updates to a new major release 
  • Free Support by e-mail
  • Access to the customer portal with priority support
  • Hosted Activation Server included - either with package S1 (100 transactions per month) or  S3 ( 500 transactions per month)

This ensures that you always work with the latest technology available. Since all plans are billed on a monthly or yearly basis, you may cancel at any time and will never be charged again. In case of increasing requirements, you may just switch to another Licence Protector version.