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CTI Data Connector for Salesforce® comes with a comprehensive feature set: 

  • Make calls from any salesforce object which includes phone numbers
  • Caller identification with screen pop-up
  • Automatically saves the phone note for each call as an activity - with the duration, call result (configurable pick list) and call type (incoming / outgoing / internal) of the call
  • Call history list with previous and missed calls 
  • Omni-Channel integration
  • Works with any PBX VOIP, On-Premise or Hosted PBX, Microsoft Teams , Amazon Connect 
  • Works with Sales Cloud®, Service Cloud® , Lightning Experience®  and person accounts 
  • Power Dialer
  • Live Agent Dashboard
  • Latest salesforce technology and native integration in salesforce with Open CTI
  • Salesforce Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited or Developer Edition, a force.com or Chatter Plus license is required to use the call center functionality


The Click-to-Dial option allows you to make an outbound call from any phone field (even custom phone field). Phone numbers are accepted in multiple formats and are reformatted before dialling 

  • 646.257.3801
  • +1 646.257.3801
  • 001-646.257.3801 x 21 
  • +39 (0) 6-837 62626

In addition to that 

  • You can dial from any application using an hotkey (e.g. from an e-mail or website)
  • Dial on your handset - CTI Data Connector for salesforce will automatically pop-up the record in salesforce
  • Dial from the call history list
  • Just type in a phone number in the dial pad

Live Agent Status Dashboard

The Live Agent Status Dashboard gives an overview of the presence state of a user - is he on a call, available, or in a meeting. This is valuable information, e.g., for users working in different places or in a home office, for call centers, or just to check if a colleague is available for a call. The dashboard is a Salesforce page that automatically refreshes and works independently of the phone system. The Live Agent Dashboard charts give detailed insight about your call traffic.


Telephone System

CTI Data Connector for Salesforce® works with any PBX - VOIP, Traditional or Cloud PBX - As an alternative to a PBX, MS-Teams or Amazon Connect can be used.

Your advantage 

  • Works with your existing PBX
  • In case you need to use the CTI functionality from multiple branch offices, each office could use a different PBX
  • There is no need to change your phone provider or pay expensive connection fees
  • No impact on call quality as the voice traffic is routed through the existing PBX / provider
  • All data is stored in Salesforce
  • Fully GDPR compliant

The wide range of integrations gives you a choice to select the best-suited phone system depending on your requirements. Multiple different phone systems, e.g. in branch offices, can be used in one Salesforce instance.

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Subscription License

CTI Data Connector is available as a subscription with pricing per user.

The subscription offers an all-round carefree package:

  • CTI Data Connector for Salesforce® license
  • Mirage Cloud Server usage 
  • All updates
  • Support via the Mirage Support Center

Long time Salesforce Know-How

Mirage is a Salesforce partner for several years and CTI Data Connector for Salesforce ®  is available on the AppExchange since 2011. We use Salesforce in our company since 2005. This ensures that we are always up to date with Salesforce technology.



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