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Product Comparison / Feature Overview

4 Editions and 1 Suite

There are different editions to cover different requirements. While the Starter Edition covers all standard single user license and copy protection scenarios, the Basic Edition adds network license and feature licensing. The Professional Edition includes USB flash drive protection as well as running an own Activation Server. The MAC Edition protects MAC OS X application while Suite (Bundle of several applications) is the most comprehensive solution and includes different Licence Protector products and All-In-One Protector for decompile protection.

If you want to protect applications without changing the source code, you would need All-In-One Protector.

 StarterBasicProfessionalMac EditionSuite
Copy protection scheme     
Different hardware IDS
USB flash drive  
Detect virtual machines 
Evaluation Options     
Evaluation version by days
Evaluation version with expiry date
Delivery Options     
USB flash drive  
Product Activation     
By E-Mail 
By Fax 
By Phone 
Network license     
Concurrent User  
Citrix / Terminal Server  
Features / modules licensing     
Number of features / modules2unlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Evaluation per feature
User / PC count per feature  
Extended features     
Send Metric Data 
Store Data  
License transfer to a new computer
Regular online checks
Automated USB flash drive duplication  
Run own Activation Server  
Decompile Protection    
License generation     
Standalone License Generator 
Web based
Via https request
Automated License Generator    
License usage     
Available projects / applications35unlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Royalty free
Number of developers33Site license3Site license
Activation Server     
Hosted Cloud Activation Server
On-Premise Activation Server    



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