Dashboards & Analytics

All Call Activity Recorded in One Place

Our live and historical dashboards give you game-changing insights on team performance, staffing requirements and call execution, so you can make more informed decisions.

Know what’s working (and what’s not…)

Optimize your team’s efficiency and encourage accountability.

Support your customers better

With automated data recording, you’ll have a clear picture of call volumes, outcomes, cases and actions.

React fast

With one eye on the live dashboards, you can orchestrate the smooth running of day-to-day telephony operations.

The Live Agent Dashboard and Wallboard

View details about presence states and ongoing calls. For example, whether a particular agent is on a call, available, or in a meeting.

This is valuable for:

  • Organizations with distributed sales and service teams
  • Call centers
  • Checking a colleague’s availability

Filter historical data

View historical data and gather insights to inform decision making.

Sort data by inbound / outbound call volume, number of calls or emails, tasks complete and total call time. Filter this further by individual agents and wider teams.

Used by Salesforce customers

Analytics that drives better results

Some of Salesforce’s most valued customers use Mirage’s reporting data to drive team efficiency and improve experiences for their customers.

“Connecting telephony to Salesforce is essential in the course of digitization and is quick and easy with Mirage’s CTI Data Connector.”

Elmar Berger, Managing Director at Berger Touristik

Ready to get more data-driven?