Swyx-Salesforce Integration

Connect with Salesforce and et nhanced atures

Ready to connect Salesforce and Swyx? Mirage provides a seamless integration and plenty of enhanced features.

Winning customer service meets operational efficiency

Get the most out of Salesforce

With Mirage’s Salesforce-Swyx integration, not only are you able to manage all calls and actions within your CRM, you also get enhanced features, such as:

  • Power Dialer for streamlining sales calls
  • Live and historic reporting dashboards to optimize operations
  • Click to dial, saving minutes per call
  • SMS functionality and automation

Flexibility without compromising security

Managing all Swyx calls and call data within Salesforce means your teams can be more flexible, and gives you added peace of mind that your data is secure.

Integration Type: TAPIConnector
License: Mirage TAPI Link Connector - free

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