Customer Story

Berger Tourstik

Berger Touristik integrated their telephony services with their Salesforce CRM using Mirage’s data connector, so they could get better control and visibility over performance.

Berger Touristik knew where it could make positive changes

Call process and data collection


The front-line staff deal with high call volumes every day, but manual call data entry into Salesforce was leading to incomplete or incorrect records, while sapping time.


After connecting their telephones to Salesforce using Mirage’s powerful CTI Data Connector, they were able to automate large portions of their data entry, while streamlining workflows with post-call actions. This not only made the teams more efficient, but they had the confidence that accurate customer and call data was being recorded to enhance their customer 360.

Customer experience


Incomplete record keeping was also having a knock on effect on the customer, with agents unable to quickly and confidently retrieve previous call data.


With better, more efficient record keeping came a deeper understanding of each customer and their needs. Agents were able to move pipeline faster and resolve customer service queries more efficiently.

“Connecting telephony to Salesforce is essential in the course of digitization and is quick and easy with Mirage’s CTI Data Connector.”

Elmar Berger, Managing Director
Berger Touristik

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