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Founded in 1995, Mirage specializes in delivering cutting-edge Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solutions tailored exclusively for Salesforce. With a commitment to enhancing communication and customer service capabilities, Mirage's products are designed to optimize Salesforce functionality.

Our flagship products

CTI Data Connector for Salesforce

Seamlessly integrating with over 100 telephony systems, Mirage's CTI Data Connector revolutionizes call communication processes within Salesforce. This robust solution enables users to effortlessly make and receive calls, access customer information, log call activities, and generate comprehensive reports directly within the Salesforce platform.

By harmonizing telephony and CRM functionalities, the CTI Data Connector enhances productivity, elevates customer interactions, and maximizes the value of Salesforce investments.

Microsoft Teams Calling

Mirage's Teams Connector seamlessly integrates Microsoft Teams calling functionality into Salesforce, transforming communication processes within your CRM. It empowers users to easily make, receive, and manage Microsoft Teams calls while accessing crucial customer information, logging call activities, and generating comprehensive reports - all directly within the Salesforce platform.

Mirage Connector for Service Cloud Voice

Extending the capabilities of Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, Mirage's Connector empowers service agents to handle customer inquiries, resolve issues, and deliver personalized support seamlessly. With advanced features including call routing, call logging, and real-time customer information access, the Mirage Connector amplifies service efficiency, accelerates agent productivity, and ensures exceptional customer experiences.

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About Unaric

In November 2023, Mirage Computer Systems was acquired by Unaric Holdings Limited. Unaric is building the world’s leading suite of Salesforce applications. The business was founded by Salesforce veterans who built and grew ISV applications. They have an intimate knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem and a deep understanding of what Salesforce customers want.

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