Customer Story

Geothermie Unterhaching

Geothermie Unterhaching is a leading energy organization based in Germany.

They integrated their telephony system with Salesforce using Mirage’s CTI Data Connector, so they could get more control and visibility over performance.

Identifying areas for improvement

Customer knowledge


Geothermie Unterhaching’s telephone system was not connected to Salesforce, so the team had limited information on callers. Inputting call information manually was also leading to errors, meaning case and customer data wasn’t fully accurate.


Geothermie Unterhaching saw a measurable improvement in customer resolution rates and customer satisfaction after they integrated their telephone system with Salesforce. Not only were teams able to immediately access detailed call records and caller information, they significantly reduced the amount of time wasted on manual data entry and follow-up actions.

Optimizing operations


The company knew it wasn’t optimally managing its high call volumes, compounded by limited visibility over team and call performance.


With Mirage’s CTI Data Connector, the team could manage all calls within Salesforce and benefited from a number of features designed to streamline and automate manual processes. This led to more efficient agent workflows and accurate data entry. 

The features include:

  • Caller identification synced with Salesforce records
  • Automated caller information logging within Salesforce
  • Call results and automated follow-up actions
  • SMS capability
  • Detailed live and historic dashboards so supervisors can be reactive and make data-driven decisions.

“The CTI Data Connector has transformed how we manage day-to-day calls. The set up was smooth and the onboarding was quick and thorough.”

Marius Gareis, Head of IT & Digital Processes
Geothermie Unterhaching GmbH & Co KG

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