Customer Story


Viewento is an advertising organization serving 6,000 customers worldwide.

Viewento knew there was scope for getting more value from the high volume of calls they have daily.

They wanted to be able to capture call information in their Salesforce CRM, reduce complex and manual call management processes, and ultimately create better experiences for their customers.

Knowing how to make a positive impact

Customer knowledge


Viewento wanted to improve the quality of the conversations between their support team and customers. Additionally, the slow process of accessing accurate customer data led to longer call times and delayed resolutions.


To address these challenges, Viewento implemented Mirage's CTI Data Connector for caller identification and case knowledge management. This enhancement provided the support team with deeper insights into each case and caller, significantly improving customer outcomes.

Faster access to precise customer data reduced the time spent on each call and expedited issue resolution, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Optimizing operations


Viewento wanted to have a more robust process for extracting call data and syncing it with Salesforce.

The lack of a centralized system for storing call and case data resulted in inefficient information sharing among team members, leading to miscommunication and delays.


Mirage's CTI Data Connector enabled the Viewento team to extract important call data and sync it with Salesforce, enriching their data source and making it easily accessible.

This facilitated efficient information sharing across the team.

With detailed records and accessible call reports all housed within Salesforce, Viewento was able to make more informed, data-driven decisions, improving overall efficiency and effectiveness.

“With Mirage’s Salesforce CTI Data Connector, we were able to significantly improve call operations and customer outcomes. In addition, the quality of resubmissions and evaluations improved.”

Dagmar Herrmann, Team Lead IT, Service & Support at

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