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CTI Data Connector Enterprise

Although CTI Data Connector can be used just with MS-Outlook, it is typically used to integrate in applications like CRM or ERP systems. The comprehensive SDK offers different ways to integrate (DLL or XML file). It works for client server applications as well as Web based applications. An OEM version is available on request.



CTI Data Connector comes with a comprehensive feature set: 

  • Make calls from any application using a hotkey or hyperlink in Browsers
  • Caller identification using MS-Outlook contacts or any SQL database. If a caller cannot be identified, a search in an Internet phone directory is done
  • Automatically saves the phone note for each call in MS-Outlook
  • Easy access to previous and missed calls with the call history
  • Works with any PBX (VOIP, Standard or Hosted PBX) which comes with a TAPI (TSP) driver
  • SDK to implement CTI functionality in applications


Phone numbers are accepted in multiple formats and are reformatted before dialling 

  • 646.257.3801
  • +1 646.257.3801
  • 001-646.257.3801 x 21 
  • +39 (0) 6-837 62626

In addition to that 

  • You can dial from any application using an hotkey (e.g. from an e-mail or website)
  • Dial using the phone book (shows address information from MS-Outlook or an SQL database)
  • Dial on your handset - CTI Data Connector will automatically search the number in MS-Outlook or a SQL database
  • Dial from the call history list
  • Just type in a phone number in the dial pad

Call History

The call history gives you a quick access to recent phone calls: 

  • Incoming calls
  • Outgoing calls
  • Missed calls - marked in red to easily outline which calls you missed even when you are not at your desk

Just click on an entry to redial.


Telephone System

CTI Data Connector works with any PBX VOIP, Standard or Hosted which comes with a TAPI (TSP) driver. 

Your advantage 

  • Works with your existing PBX
  • In case you need to use the CTI functionality from multiple branch offices, each office could use a different PBX
  • There is no need to change your phone provider or pay expensive connection fees



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